5 Things to do in Santa Monica!

Looking for a weekend of SoCal bliss? Look no further, Santa Monica has you covered!

1. Private Electric Bike Tour of Santa Monica

“Pedal in a private group to Santa Monica pier and towards the famous beach as you take in the sun, sand, surf and ocean breezes. Experience an electric bike and find out what makes it so special. Photos are taken during the ride, edited and emailed to you within a week.”https://www.expedia.com/things-to-do/private-electric-bike-tour-of-santa-monica-venice-beach.a291633.activity-details

2. Taste of Santa Monica Walking Food Tour

“Stroll through the streets of Santa Monica to uncover the tasty treats hidden in its quaint cafes and trendy restaurants. With a local foodie leading the way, nibble your way through the area’s innovative flavors and meet culinary professionals who are making their mark on this slice of Southern California.” https://www.expedia.com/things-to-do/taste-of-santa-monica-walking-food-tour.a285731.activity-details

3. Private Surfing Lesson

“Get to know the waves from a prime site of your choice among the beaches of greater Los Angeles. This private lesson offers some great insights into how to read ocean conditions. Learn about different wave types and brush up on your surfing etiquette as you strike out to tackle big breaks and rolling swells.” https://www.expedia.com/things-to-do/private-surfing-lesson.a404412.activity-details

4. Private Airplane Flight over Malibu & Santa Monica

“Embark on a spectacular flight to discover the forested hills, elite neighborhoods, and seaside towns of Los Angeles. Gain an appreciation for the immense scope and spectacular geography of the City of Angels as you soar over landmarks like Beverly Hills, the Santa Monica Pier, and Malibu.” https://www.expedia.com/things-to-do/private-airplane-flight-over-malibu-santa-monica.a467450.activity-details

5. Santa Monica Sweet Spots Dessert Bike Tour

Discover the sweet side of Santa Monica on a bike tour through the town’s spectacular shopping districts, beach-side neighborhoods, and tantalizing food hot-spots. Climb aboard your pedal-powered machine and let your guide show you the best sights and eateries in the area. https://www.expedia.com/things-to-do/santa-monica-sweet-spots-dessert-bike-tour.a285727.activity-details

Say hello to the Santa Monica Pier!

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