“Famous Dead Artist” Geoff Pocock

Art Community Mourns Loss of Amazing Artist, Geoff Pocock – Documentary to Follow –

Master Artist – Geoff Pocock –
Artist once featured in a “Famous Dead Artists” WAV commercial has left the art community puzzled as he departed without finishing some of his brilliant Tessellation work. Geoff Pocock, an extraordinary Geometric, Abstract Artist, Poet, and a wonderful soul, has left behind a legacy with stories that must be told.

He started his life in England and lived all over the world, creating art, art projects and fun filled adventures for those around him, and with never a dull moment. In true testament of his nature, every story of him included a word about his graciousness and love for people.

Geoff’s daughter, Taya Pocock, and fellow artists put together quite the send off for him in the WAV Gallery, which was attended by fellow artists and friends from around the world. After the service was a New Orleans style procession to the beach, where all in attendance gathered to say some prayers and write him messages in the sand. The procession returned to one of the best spontaneous music sessions, featuring amazing artists.

Though a small part of his tessellation puzzles are incomplete, he left behind some extraordinary pieces of art, sure to become very valuable, as he is now a real “Famous Dead Artist”

As we must all go in time, it’s important what we leave behind. Geoff was a poet, and he let people know it. He left a legacy of graciousness, love and caring, that can be carried on by those he touched. He will be missed!

Here’s some photos if Geoff and his sendoff. And here’s a link to the video “Famous Dead Artists” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqyXwQ31slM

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