5 Must-haves for pet travel!

Mr. Gritty: Extreme Adventure Cat

Don’t let your pets limit your travel time! Bring them! Traveling with your fur baby, whether it be a dog, cat, or some other cool household animal, can certainly have its ups and downs. However, with the right preparation, you and your buddy can have the best adventure yet! 

After road tripping with our 14-year-old tabby cat for three months, we learned what some of the most essential pet travel items are and have compiled a list of our five go-to products for both cats and dogs!

1. The right harness

Harnesses are important for numerous reasons. They typically have some kind of reflective element to them. This is great for making sure your pet is seen. Additionally, an animal in a harness is immediately recognized as a pet. You don’t see coyotes or bobcats voluntarily rocking a harness. This is particularly useful if your animal sneaks off. 



2. Rescue Remedy

New environments can be extremely stressful on animals. This natural stress relief product calmed our cat right down during the early stages of our road trip. By the fourth long car ride he did not even need it, he was just stoked to be in the car with us. 


3. A pet stake with retractable leash

Keeping your pet on leash is crucial when taking them out into unknown territory. At the same time, animals want to explore and deserve to! A strong pet stake can screw into the ground, now attach a retractable leash and your animal has a safe radius to roam. 



4. This bowl!

We were thrilled to find this wonderful Kurgo Splash Free silicon water bowl. It is splash proof, slip proof, and can fold up and get shoved into a side pocket of a bag. 


5. Cleaning supplies

Let’s face it, at the end of the day a pet is no different than a child. They make messes (even when they really don’t mean to!). Having a collection of recycled grocery bags, paper towels, old towels, a pet cleaning spray, and even an “emergency” extra water bottle could be the difference between a successful car ride with your animal or totally gross one… 


It is so much more relaxing vacationing with your animal. No more stress of worrying about them home without you, or feeling guilty for leaving them behind. 

The list goes on…

Travel Carriers


Seat cover


Happy travel tails!

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