Top 5 Surf Spots in California

Are you planning a California Surf Trip, but aren’t sure where to start? We took a month to road trip up the coast of California and map out a list of recommended spots. These are what we found to be the top five places to catch a wave in the Golden State!

  1. Rincon Point, Carpinteria
Carpinteria, CA

This famous location has been dubbed the “Queen of the Coast” and described by surf historians as “America’s gold-standard point break.” Rincon straddles the border of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. The waves are so epic during winter swells that concluded, “Some spots serve as undeniable proof that our Creator was a surfer.” If you’re driving on U.S. 101 and see a crowded line-up, pull off to watch the action.

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2. The Wedge, Newport Beach

Newport Beach, CA

The Wedge is known to have one of the most powerful beach breaks in the world, creating large, breathtaking wedge-shaped waves that are ridden by the planets best surfers and fearless bodyboarders. The Wedge beach breaks are most intense throughout the summer and fall months, making it perfect for hard charging watermen and kicked back spectators alike.

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3. First Point, Malibu

Malibu, CA

Malibu is considered the birthplace of modern surfing, famous for inventing the art of style. Malibu is where surfing transitioned from counterculture to mainstream Americana. The waves at First Point provide the perfect combination of shape and speed to allow surfers to focus on one thing: style. Malibu is a historic place to surf and a must visit for any surfers cruising the Cali coastline!

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4. San Francisco/Marin, Ocean Beach

Marin, CA

While there are a few popular spots along the Bay Area’s coastal side, there’s none so iconic and challenging as Ocean Beach. Part of the “burbs” in the city of San Francisco, this wide stretch of water attracts surfers stoked to rip the frequently large (8-15 feet is not uncommon) and consistent thumping wave.

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5. Surfers Point Beach, Ventura

Ventura, CA

Located near the historic Ventura Pier, Surfers Point provides one of the most idyllic and consistent right hand waves The Golden State has to offer. Surfers Point has a welcoming feel and is perfect for surfers of all styles and abilities. Plus, there is no shortage of tacos in Ventura to fill you up after a surf workout!

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Wherever you end up, you are sure to have a phenomenal time! It is nothing but good vibes and great waves off the Coast of California. Enjoy the ride!

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